Wednesday, 17 February 2010

scythe lessons

Thanks to David for scything out wild flower meadow. I love this photo as it shows  health and safety lessons- real world examples that sharp things needn't be dangerous.


Real easy, some Ivy from an overgrown area and some ribbon. Makes a lovely wreath to hang on a door. Cheap, 100% not tacky and Many were made in the Triangle area of town.


Poppies sprung up after the terrible first world war. The seeds last for years in the ground and disturbing the soil allows them to germinate. This Novemver 11th at 11pm we had a minute's silence.

Olympic rings

 We wanted to plant up the Olympics rings in the garden, visable from the railway line. Picture from my phone. Tulips planted but we are planning what other flowers will work for year fround colour. Any Ideas?



Linda showing the scale.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tulipmania & Transition



 Susannah and the mug

Dano on right

 Ric in red

Steven is Sporticus

pics here of Becky and Julie and Lindsey

I love this photo


MAMOUTH EXCAVATION nearby the allotment when building Stoke School. So the bones and this map are at the local museum and boy they are big. When we dig at the garden we keep thinking what will we dig up. So far handcuffs, bits of pottery and 2 bones. Lots of glass and random allotment debris. But we are hoping to find some treasure. Please bring little trinkets of treasure for the kids to find (like stonese with holes in and shells)