Thursday, 5 November 2009

Chilli Strings

The bumper crop of chillis this year has provided a good surplus. Those that won't be cooked before they spoil are being strung up for drying and decoration in the new summerhouse.

The polytunnel has now been cleared of the summer vegetables, with some tomatoes still yet to ripen. Laying them out in the sun will give them a chance to turn red and juicy before they spoil. For those that don't there is always chutney or fried green tomato recipes...

The brassicas and chard are coming along nicely. Chard is good steamed with a dab of butter and some salt and pepper. If you have been growing beetroot this year, don't throw the leaves away. They are similar to chard and spinach, and the whole stem and leaf can be steamed or used in soup. Delicious.

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