Friday, 29 October 2010

Pumpkin Soup

Want to try something warm and satisfying? How about this soup with crusty bread rolls:

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1 pumpkin
2-3 onions
vegetable or chicken stock
vegetable oil
salt and pepper


Set your oven to its hottest, then cut the pumpkin onto four and remove the seeds. put a little oil, salt and pepper on your pumpkin then bake until it is cooked - soft when you cut it with a knife.

In the meantime chop up your onions and fry at a hot temperature in butter and oil, for a minute, then turn right down and slow fry until caramelised - soft and brown.

Put your cooked pumpkin, any juice from it, and the onions in a food mixer and blend - add hot stock to make it the thickness you like, serve with bread rolls.

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