Wednesday, 6 April 2011

African garden in the making

Having been quiet for a while on this blog, there is now an abundance of things to tell you - a bit like all those seeds germinating this time of year.

The African garden being constructed by the People's Garden and pupils from Chantry High School is well under way - its all best said with the photos...

Treading the paths

Building grey crowned crane shaped seat (Uganda's national emblem)

Sowing seeds


seed sowing - sunflowers, chillies and peppers

Alison Findlay of RHS lends her expertise

Keen planters

marking boundary with rubble donated by local building suppliers Collier and Catchpole

Planting feather grass round the turn seat

Shovelling manure to keyhole gardens

Staking out central compost well with hazel poles from Allotment Forestry Project, Sidegate Lane

Top off the plots

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